Gail Muenster – Featured Team Member

Meet Featured Team Member Gail Muenster

Gail Muenster is Accounts Payable for Spectrum Interiors of SC. She joined our team at the Kentucky office in August of 1998, and relocated to our Greenville, SC office in 2004 to continue her journey with us.

Gail currently resides in Greer, SC. She is a blessed and amazing Mother of three Children and Grandmother to four Grandchildren. Gail’s favorite past times are traveling, spending time with family and friends, riding motorcycles and reading.

Everyone on our team appreciates and values all the hard work, dedication and kind charm she has always brought to Spectrum Interiors of SC throughout the years.

We would all like to wish Gail a very Happy 20th Anniversary! Thank you for all your many contributions Gail!